Collection: Memberships

Leeds Drawing Club offers Seasonal Memberships for Daytime and Evening Untutored Life Drawing Sessions!

Over the year, you will have the opportunity to book a block of Untutored Life Drawing Classes.

Summer Daytime / Evening Membership – June, July, August

Autumn Daytime / Evening Membership – September, October, November

WinterDaytime / Evening  Membership – December, January, February

Spring Daytime / Evening Membership – March, April, May


Daytime Memberships cover all Monday afternoon Untutored Life Drawing Sessions, 1.30pm – 3.30pm

Evening Memberships cover all Wednesday evening Untutored Life Drawing Sessions 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Memberships are ideal for regular life drawers, and regular Leeds Drawing Club artists. If you are new to Leeds Drawing club we recommend you try a session first before committing to a whole Season.

Benefits of a Seasonal Membership:

SAVE on average, 11% by booking the membership rather than paying week by week.

Additional 10% off all 3 All Day Draw sessions within that Season

Additional 10% off any Special Drawing Events that Season

No need to keep booking on each week, or check you are booked on – just buy the membership and turn up!