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PLANTS + INK 🌿A new workshop for 2019. Botanical illustration using inks, charcoal and pencil.
Workshop taught by @thislakshmi .
Botanicals by @theplantroom .
Brought to you by @ldsdrawingclub .
Saturday 9th February

When you squash and squeeze the arts out of secondary schools, you not only deprive students of a chance to get arts qualifications, you deprive everyone in a school community of what the arts can offer as a way of interpreting the world - the mix of feeling and ideas.

All Day Draw - done! Thank you everyone who came. A beautiful and relaxing day of Drawing to finish off the year. That’s a wrap for classes in the studio in 2018, head over to https://t.co/SMxJqaKJgF to check out what we have on next year 🖌🖍


Week 4 of Beginners Life Drawing Course done ✔️ We tackled movement, longer poses, the dreaded foreshortening and it was great! Nice to see everyone’s work coming together #leedslifedrawing #leedsdrawingclub #leeds

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